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Study of spectra characteristics of Dy3+ -activated LiSrBO3 phosphor

, : Study of spectra characteristics of Dy3+ -activated LiSrBO3 phosphor. Guang Pu Xue Yu Guang Pu Fen Xi 30(1): 18-21

The LiSrBO3:Dy3+ phosphor was synthesized by solid-state method. SrCO2 (99.9%), Li2CO3 (99.9%), H3BO3 (99.9%) and Dy2O3 (99.9%) were used as starting materials. After these individual materials were blended and grounded thoroughly in an agate mortar, the homogeneous mixture was heated at 700 degrees C for 2 h in air, and LiSrBO3:Dy3+ phosphors were obtained. The phase present of the samples was characterized by powder X-ray diffraction (XRD) (D/max-rA, Cu Kalpha, 40 kV, 40 mA, lamda = 0.15406 nm). The excitation and emission spectra of these phosphors were measured by a RF-540 photoluminescence spectrophotometer. The emission spectrum of LiSrBO3:Dy3+ phosphor shows several bands at 486, 578 and 668 nm, respectively. The excitation spectrum for 578 nm emission has several excitation bands at 331, 368, 397, 433, 462 and 478 nm, respectively. The effect of Dy3+ concentration on the emission intensity of LiSrBO3:Dy3+ was investigated, and the result shows that the emission intensity of LiSrBO3:Dy3+ phosphor firstly increases with increasing Dy2+ concentration, then decreases, viz. the concentration quenching exists. And the Dy3+ concentration corresponding to the maximal emission intensity is 3 mol%, and the concentration quenching mechanisms are the d-d interaction by Dexter theory.


PMID: 20302071

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