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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 55993

Chapter 55993 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Substituent effect on color tuning of red light emission in photoluminescence and electroluminescence of red fluorophore. Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 10(10): 6805-6810

Substituent effect on electron affinity, gas-phase basicity, and structure of monosubstituted propynyl radicals and their anions: a theoretical study. Journal of Computational Chemistry 30(14): 2181-2186

Substituent effect on electronic structures of halonitrobenzenes. Spectrochimica Acta. Part A, Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 71(4): 1499-1502

Substituent effect on electrophoretic mobility for a series of poly(N-acryloyl-amino acid)s. Journal of Chromatography. A 1217(17): 2990-2992

Substituent effect on exo stereoselectivity in the 1,3-Dipolar cycloaddition reaction of tulipalin A with nitrile ylides. Journal of Organic Chemistry 73(8): 3032-3039

Substituent effect on formation of heterometallic molecular wheels: synthesis, crystal structure, and magnetic properties. Inorganic Chemistry 46(15): 6029-6037

Substituent effect on g-tensor: multifrequency ESR study and DFT calculation of polycrystalline phenoxyl radicals in diamagnetic crystals. Journal of Physical Chemistry. A 111(21): 4612-4619

Substituent effect on oxygen atom transfer reactivity from oxomolybdenum centers: synthesis, structure, electrochemistry, and mechanism. Inorganic Chemistry 48(13): 6303-6313

Substituent effect on reactivity of triplet excited state of 2,3-diazabicyclo[2.2.1]hept-2-enes, DBH derivatives: α C-N bond cleavage versus β C-C bond cleavage. Journal of Organic Chemistry 78(5): 1940-1948

Substituent effect on the acid-promoted hydrolysis of 2-aryloxazolin-5-one: normal vs reverse. Journal of Physical Chemistry. A 115(19): 4995-5004

Substituent effect on the electron acceptor property of 1,4-benzoquinone towards the formation of molecular complex with sulfamethoxazole. Spectrochimica Acta. Part A, Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 107: 156-166

Substituent effect on the electronic properties and morphologies of self-assembling bisphenazine derivatives. Chemistry 15(16): 4070-4077

Substituent effect on the emission behavior of thiazolidinedione derivatives in cationic and anionic micellar media. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 329(1): 160-166

Substituent effect on the energy barrier for σ-bond formation from π-single-bonded species, singlet 2,2-dialkoxycyclopentane-1,3-diyls. Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry 9(): 925-933

Substituent effect on the interaction of aromatic primary amines and diamines with supercritical CO(2) from infrared spectroscopy and quantum calculations. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 11(25): 5052-5061

Substituent effect on the meso-substituted porphyrins: theoretical screening of sensitizer candidates for dye-sensitized solar cells. Journal of Physical Chemistry. A 113(37): 10119-10124

Substituent effect on the photoinduced structural change of Cu(I) complexes observed by femtosecond emission spectroscopy. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 16(9): 4143-4154

Substituent effect on the photophysical properties, electrochemical properties and electroluminescence performance of orange-emitting iridium complexes. Dalton Transactions 41(22): 6833-6841

Substituent effect on the photoreduction kinetics of benzophenone. Journal of Physical Chemistry. A 117(40): 10196-10210

Substituent effect on the preferred DNA binding mode and affinity of a homologous series of naphthalene diimides. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters 21(14): 4288-4291

Substituent effect on the self-assembled structures of two carboxyl-functionalised phthalocyanine derivatives on highly oriented pyrolytic graphite. Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 14(7): 5375-5379

Substituent effect on the structural behavior of modified cyclodextrin: a molecular dynamics study on methylated β-CDs. Journal of Physical Chemistry. B 116(11): 3477-3489

Substituent effect on the thermodynamic solubility of structural analogs: relative contribution of crystal packing and hydration. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 103(11): 3524-3531

Substituent effect on the π linkers in triphenylamine dyes for sensitized solar cells: a DFT/TDDFT study. Chemphyschem 13(14): 3320-3329

Substituent effects and local molecular shape correlations. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 16(14): 6666-6678

Substituent effects and pH profiles for stability constants of arylboronic acid diol esters. Journal of Organic Chemistry 78(10): 4674-4684

Substituent effects and supramolecular interactions of titanocene(III) chloride: implications for catalysis in single electron steps. Journal of the American Chemical Society 136(4): 1663-1671

Substituent effects in 1-nitro-4-substituted bicyclo[2.2.2]octane derivatives: inductive or field effects?. Journal of Molecular Modeling 20(8): 2352-2352

Substituent effects in Ugi-smiles reactions. Journal of Physical Chemistry. A 117(33): 8035-8042

Substituent effects in benz[a]anthracene carbocations: a stable ion, electrophilic substitution (nitration, bromination), and DFT study. Journal of Organic Chemistry 72(18): 6768-6775

Substituent effects in cation-π interactions revisited: a general approach based on intrinsic properties of the arenes. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 16(4): 1322-1326

Substituent effects in cation-π interactions: a unified view from inductive, resonance, and through-space effects. Journal of Physical Chemistry. A 115(22): 5660-5664

Substituent effects in cation/pi interactions and electrostatic potentials above the centers of substituted benzenes are due primarily to through-space effects of the substituents. Journal of the American Chemical Society 131(9): 3126-3127

Substituent effects in double-helical hydrogen-bonded AAA-DDD complexes. Chemistry 18(5): 1322-1327

Substituent effects in formally quintuple-bonded ArCrCrAr compounds (Ar = terphenyl) and related species. Inorganic Chemistry 46(26): 11277-11290

Substituent effects in halogen bonding complexes between aromatic donors and acceptors: a comprehensive ab initio study. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 13(45): 20371-9

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Substituent effects in ion-pi interactions: fine-tuning via the ethynyl group. Journal of Physical Chemistry. A 114(4): 1926-1930

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Substituent effects in pentacenes: gaining control over HOMO-LUMO gaps and photooxidative resistances. Journal of the American Chemical Society 130(48): 16274-16286

Substituent effects in sandwich configurations of multiply substituted benzene dimers are not solely governed by electrostatic control. Journal of the American Chemical Society 131(13): 4574-4575

Substituent effects in synthetic lectins--exploring the role of CH-π interactions in carbohydrate recognition. Journal of Organic Chemistry 76(16): 6548-6557

Substituent effects in the absorption spectra of phenol radical species: origin of the redshift caused by 3,5-dimethoxyl substitution. Photochemistry and Photobiology 89(3): 536-544

Substituent effects in the benzene dimer are due to direct interactions of the substituents with the unsubstituted benzene. Journal of the American Chemical Society 130(33): 10854-5

Substituent effects in the iron 2p and carbon 1s edge near-edge X-ray absorption fine structure (NEXAFS) spectroscopy of ferrocene compounds. Journal of Physical Chemistry. A 112(4): 624-634

Substituent effects in the preparation of naphthacenes by the coupling reaction of diyne-derived zirconacyclopentadienes with tetraiodobenzene. Chemistry, An Asian Journal 3(2): 388-392

Substituent effects in trans-p,p'-disubstituted azobenzenes: X-ray structures at 100 K and DFT-calculated structures. Acta Crystallographica. Section C, Structural Chemistry 70(Pt 6): 575-579

Substituent effects of cis-cinnamic acid analogues as plant growh inhibitors. Phytochemistry 96: 132-147

Substituent effects of porphyrins on structures and photophysical properties of amphiphilic porphyrin aggregates. Journal of Physical Chemistry. B 112(51): 16517-16524

Substituent effects of pterin derivatives on singlet oxygen scavenging activity. Biological & Pharmaceutical Bulletin 33(5): 905-908

Substituent effects of the N,N-dimethyl- sulfamoyl group on the 1H and 13C NMR spectra of positional isomers of quinolines. Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry 46(2): 182-185

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Substituent effects on 61Ni NMR chemical shifts. Dalton Transactions: 6037-6044

Substituent effects on CL···N, S···N, and P···N noncovalent bonds. Journal of Physical Chemistry. A 116(13): 3487-3497

Substituent effects on Ni-S bond dissociation energies and kinetic stability of nickel arylthiolate complexes supported by a bis(phosphinite)-based pincer ligand. Dalton Transactions 41(26): 7959-7968

Substituent effects on O-H bond dissociation enthalpies: a computational study. Journal of Physical Chemistry. A 117(1): 213-218

Substituent effects on P2-cyclopentyltetrahydrofuranyl urethanes: design, synthesis, and X-ray studies of potent HIV-1 protease inhibitors. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters 22(6): 2308-2311

Substituent effects on aromatic stacking interactions. Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry 5(7): 1062-1080

Substituent effects on aryltrifluoroborate solvolysis in water: implications for Suzuki-Miyaura coupling and the design of stable (18)F-labeled aryltrifluoroborates for use in PET imaging. Journal of Organic Chemistry 73(12): 4662-4670

Substituent effects on axle binding in amide pseudorotaxanes: comparison of NMR titration and ITC data with DFT calculations. Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry 10(30): 5954-5964

Substituent effects on charge transport in films of Au nanocrystals. Journal of the American Chemical Society 134(29): 11888-11891

Substituent effects on cobalt diglyoxime catalysts for hydrogen evolution. Journal of the American Chemical Society 133(47): 19036-9

Substituent effects on cooperativity of pnicogen bonds. Journal of Molecular Modeling 20(9): 2436-2436

Substituent effects on core structures and heterogeneous catalytic activities of Mn(III)(μ-O)2Mn(IV) dimers with 2,2':6',2″-terpyridine derivative ligands for water oxidation. Inorganic Chemistry 51(3): 1530-1539

Substituent effects on desferrithiocin and desferrithiocin analogue iron-clearing and toxicity profiles. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 55(16): 7090-7103

Substituent effects on dynamics at conical intersections: alpha,beta-enones. Journal of Physical Chemistry. A 111(47): 11948-11960

Substituent effects on dynamics at conical intersections: cycloheptatrienes. Journal of Physical Chemistry. A 117(40): 10239-10247

Substituent effects on dynamics at conical intersections: cyclopentadienes. Journal of Physical Chemistry. A 114(12): 4058-4064

Substituent effects on electrophilic catalysis by the carbonyl group: anatomy of the rate acceleration for PLP-catalyzed deprotonation of glycine. Journal of the American Chemical Society 133(9): 3173-3183

Substituent effects on energetics of peptide-carboxylate hydrogen bonds as studied by 1H NMR spectroscopy: implications for enzyme catalysis. Journal of Organic Chemistry 78(23): 11765-11771

Substituent effects on fluorescence properties of thiazolo[4,5-b]pyrazine derivatives. Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences 13(12): 1765-1772

Substituent effects on in vitro antioxidizing properties, stability, and solubility in flavonoids. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 62(15): 3321-3333

Substituent effects on ionisation and (13)C NMR properties of some monosubstituted phenols A potentiometric, spectrophotometric and (13)C NMR study. Talanta 56(3): 441-449

Substituent effects on molecular properties of dicarba-closo-dodecarborane derivatives. Journal of Molecular Modeling 20(7): 2275-2275

Substituent effects on non-covalent interactions with aromatic rings: insights from computational chemistry. Chemphyschem 12(17): 3116-3130

Substituent effects on noncovalent bonds: complexes of ionized benzene derivatives with hydrogen cyanide. Journal of Physical Chemistry. A 117(41): 10588-10597

Substituent effects on oxidation-induced formation of quinone methides from arylboronic ester precursors. Chemistry 19(27): 9050-9058

Substituent effects on packing entropy and film morphologies in the nucleation of functionalized pentacenes on SiO2 substrate: molecular dynamics simulations. Journal of Chemical Physics 137(7): 074708-074708

Substituent effects on photosensitized splitting of thymine cyclobutane dimer by an attached indole. Chemphyschem 13(18): 4180-4185

Substituent effects on rates and torquoselectivities of electrocyclic ring-openings of N-substituted 2-azetines. Journal of Organic Chemistry 79(13): 6189-6195

Substituent effects on reactive oxygen species (ROS) generation by hydroquinones. Journal of Organic Chemistry 79(19): 9413-9417

Substituent effects on regioselectivity in the autoxidation of nonconjugated dienes. Journal of the American Chemical Society 131(15): 5635-5641

Substituent effects on singlet-triplet gaps and mechanisms of 1,2-rearrangements of 1,3-oxazol-2-ylidenes to 1,3-oxazoles. Journal of Physical Chemistry. A 112(37): 8775-8784

Substituent effects on spin state in a series of mononuclear manganese(III) complexes with hexadentate Schiff-Base ligands. Inorganic Chemistry 53(12): 6022-6033

Substituent effects on tandem alkenyl migration/electrophilic aromatic substitution reactions: a theoretical study. Journal of Organic Chemistry 72(22): 8394-8401

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Substituent effects on the aromaticity of carbocyclic five-membered rings. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 12(6): 1305-1317

Substituent effects on the assembly of helical cyanine dye aggregates in the minor groove of a DNA template. Langmuir 27(4): 1472-1479

Substituent effects on the binding of natural product anthocyanidin inhibitors to influenza neuraminidase with mass spectrometry. Analytica Chimica Acta 828: 61-69

Substituent effects on the biological properties of Zn-salophen complexes. Inorganic Chemistry 52(16): 9245-9253

Substituent effects on the catalytic activity of bipyrrolidine-based iron complexes. Journal of Organic Chemistry 78(22): 11508-11512

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Substituent effects on the decomposition of chemiluminescent tricyclic aromatic dioxetanes. Luminescence 29(5): 445-450

Substituent effects on the electrochemical, spectroscopic, and structural properties of Fischer mono- and biscarbene complexes of chromium(0). Inorganic Chemistry 52(11): 6674-6684

Substituent effects on the electron affinities and ionization energies of tria-, penta-, and heptafulvenes: a computational investigation. Journal of Organic Chemistry 75(23): 8060-8068

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Substituent effects on the electrophilic activity of nitroarenes in reactions with carbanions. Chemistry 14(35): 11113-11122

Substituent effects on the energetics and aromaticity of aminomethylbenzoic acids. Journal of Physical Chemistry. A 111(42): 10598-10603

Substituent effects on the energies of the electronic transitions of geminally diphenyl-substituted trimethylenemethane (TMM) radical cations. Experimental and theoretical evidence for a twisted molecular and localized electronic structure. Journal of Physical Chemistry. A 111(20): 4436-4442

Substituent effects on the excited-state properties of platinummeso-tetraphenylporphyrins. Journal of Fluorescence 2(4): 237-246

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Substituent effects on the ionization and partitioning of p-(aminoethyl)phenols and structurally related compounds: electrostatic effects dependent on conformation. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 98(12): 4534-4544

Substituent effects on the kinetics of bifunctional styrene SAM formation on H-terminated Si. Langmuir 30(26): 7687-7694

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Substituent effects on the nonradical reactivity of 4-dehydropyridinium cation. Journal of Physical Chemistry. A 116(12): 3089-3093

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Substituent effects on the photogeneration and selectivity of triaryl vinyl cations. Journal of Organic Chemistry 73(14): 5416-5428

Substituent effects on the properties of fluorene-thieno[3,4-b]pyrazine derivatives for light-emitting applications. Journal of Molecular Modeling 18(9): 4291-4298

Substituent effects on the properties of photochromic hybrid diarylethenes with a naphthalene moiety. Spectrochimica Acta. Part A, Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 137: 1222-1230

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Substituent effects on the rearrangements of cyclohexyl to cyclopentyl radicals involving avermectin-related radicals. Journal of Organic Chemistry 73(21): 8175-8181

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Substituent effects on the structure-property relationship of unsymmetrical methyloxy and methoxycarbonyl phthalocyanines: DFT and TDDFT theoretical studies. Journal of Molecular Graphics & Modelling 35: 57-65

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Substituent effects on the vibronic coupling for the phenoxyl/phenol self-exchange reaction. Journal of Physical Chemistry. B 112(2): 336-343

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Substituent-dominated structure evolution during sol-gel synthesis: a comparative study of sol-gel processing of 3-glycidoxypropyltrimethoxysilane and methacryloxypropyltrimethoxysilane. Langmuir 26(11): 7708-7716

Substituent-enabled oxidative dehydrogenative cross-coupling of 1,4-naphthoquinones with alkenes. Journal of Organic Chemistry 79(16): 7626-7632

Substituent-free gallium by hydrogenolysis of coordinated GaCp*: synthesis and structure of highly fluxional [Ru2(Ga)(GaCp*)7(H)3. Angewandte Chemie 48(21): 3872-3876

Substituent-guided switch between C-H activation and decarboxylative cross-coupling during palladium/copper-catalyzed cascade reactions of 2-aminobenzoates with 2-haloarylaldehydes. Chemistry 19(32): 10487-10491

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Substituents effects on two related families of dyes for dye sensitized solar cells: [Ru(4,4'-R,R-2,2'-bpy)(3)]2+ and [Ru(4,4'-COOH-2,2'-bpy)(4,4'-R,R-2,2'-bpy)(2)]2+. Journal of Physical Chemistry. A 116(27): 7436-7442

Substituents on etoposide that interact with human topoisomerase IIalpha in the binary enzyme-drug complex: contributions to etoposide binding and activity. Biochemistry 47(15): 4501-4509

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Substitute For Butter. Science 66(1711): Xii-Xii

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