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Synonymous codon usage of the VP2 gene of a very virulent infectious bursal disease virus isolate serial passaged in chicken embryos

, : Synonymous codon usage of the VP2 gene of a very virulent infectious bursal disease virus isolate serial passaged in chicken embryos. Bio Systems 104(1): 42-47

Three very virulent infectious bursal disease virus (vvIBDV) strains were isolated from a single farm and shown to be phylogenetically related to the vvIBDV isolate UK661. In this study, a comparative analysis of the synonymous codon usage in the hypervariable region of theVP2 (vVP2) gene of the vvIBDV strains was done on viruses serially passaged in chicken embryos. Sequencing demonstrated that codons change during the serial passage in the vVP2 gene of the viruses. Nine codon mutations resulted in amino acids changes. The amino acid changes were I256V, I296L 6in isolate XA1989, A222P, I242V, Q253H, I256V in isolate XA1998, and Q253H, I256V, I296L in isolate XA2004. Three of the nine amino acid changes occurred at residue 256. The codons of the amino acids A232, N233, I234, T269, T283 and H338 changed to the synonymous codons in XA1989 after the 16th passage, in XA1998 after the 24th passage and in XA2004 22nd passage viruses. These mutations change the key amino acid residues Q253H and I256V in the domains which are essential for its virulence, and the synonymous codons were observed compared to classical virulent IBDV. The results indicated that the codon changes during the serial passage comprised of synonymous codon usage in the vVP2 gene of IBDV, and this synonymous codon bias was correlated with pathotypes. The extent of synonymous codon usage bias in the IBDV-vVP2 gene maybe influence the gene expression level and secondary structure of protein as well as hydrophobicity, therefore the results provide useful perspectives for evolution and understanding of the pathogenesis of IBDV.


PMID: 21216278

DOI: 10.1016/j.biosystems.2010.12.009

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