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Synthesis and cytotoxicity of silicon and germanium containing pyridine oxime O-ethers

, : Synthesis and cytotoxicity of silicon and germanium containing pyridine oxime O-ethers. Bioinorganic Chemistry and Applications: 299-308

Silicon and germanium containing pyridine aldoxime, ketoxime and amidoxime O-ethers have been prepared using phase transfer catalytic systems oxime alkyl halide solid KOH 18-crown-6 benzene and oxime alkyl halide solid K(2)CO(3) or Cs(2)CO(3) 18-crown-6 toluene. Cytotoxic activity of silicon and germanium containing pyridine oxime O-ethers was tested in vitro on two monolayer tumor cell lines: MG- 22A (mouse hepatoma) and HT-1080 (human fibrosarcoma). O-[3-Yriethylsilylpropyl]- and O-[3-(1-methyl- 1-silacyclopentyl)propyl] oximes of pyridine aldehydes and ketones exhibit high cytotoxicity. Presence of methyl group in the pyridine ring considerably decreased activity of amidoxime O-ethers. Oxime ethers containing two elements are essentially inactive. For 2-acetylpyridine oxime ethers the activity increases in order of alkyl substituents: Et(3)GeCH(2)CH(2)SiMe(2)CH(2) < Et(3)SiCH(2)CH(2)CH(2) < (CH(2))(4)SiCH(2)CH(2)CH(2). Cytotoxicity of ketoxime O-ethers is considerably lower in comparison with aldoxime O-ethers.


PMID: 18365061

DOI: 10.1155/S1565363303000232

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