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The effects of the location of Au additives on combustion-generated SnO(2) nanopowders for CO gas sensing

, : The effects of the location of Au additives on combustion-generated SnO(2) nanopowders for CO gas sensing. Sensors 10(7): 7002-7017

The current work presents the results of an experimental study of the effects of the location of gold additives on the performance of combustion-generated tin dioxide (SnO(2)) nanopowders in solid state gas sensors. The time response and sensor response to 500 ppm carbon monoxide is reported for a range of gold additive/SnO(2) film architectures including the use of colloidal, sputtered, and combustion-generated Au additives. The opportunities afforded by combustion synthesis to affect the SnO(2)/additive morphology are demonstrated. The best sensor performance in terms of sensor response (S) and time response (τ) was observed when the Au additives were restricted to the outermost layer of the gas-sensing film. Further improvement was observed in the sensor response and time response when the Au additives were dispersed throughout the outermost layer of the film, where S = 11.3 and τ = 51 s, as opposed to Au localized at the surface, where S = 6.1 and τ = 60 s.


PMID: 22163586

DOI: 10.3390/s100707002

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