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The nitrogen interaction network in Synechococcus WH5701, a cyanobacterium with two PipX and two P(II)-like proteins

, : The nitrogen interaction network in Synechococcus WH5701, a cyanobacterium with two PipX and two P(II)-like proteins. Microbiology 157(Pt 4): 1220-1228

Nitrogen regulation involves the formation of different types of protein complexes between signal transducers and their transcriptional or metabolic targets. In oxygenic phototrophs, the signal integrator P(II) activates the enzyme N-acetyl-l-glutamate kinase (NAGK) by complex formation. P(II) also interacts with PipX, a protein with a tudor-like domain that mediates contacts with P(II) and with the transcriptional regulator NtcA, to which it binds to increase its activity. Here, we use a combination of in silico, yeast two-hybrid and in vitro approaches to investigate the nitrogen regulation network of Synechococcus WH5701, a marine cyanobacterium with two P(II) (GlnB_A and GlnB_B) and two PipX (PipX_I and PipX_II) proteins. Our results indicate that GlnB_A is functionally equivalent to the canonical P(II) protein from Synechococcus elongatus. GlnB_A interacted with PipX and NAGK proteins and stimulated NAGK activity, counteracting arginine inhibition. GlnB_B had only a slight stimulatory effect on NAGK activity, but its potential to bind effectors and form heterotrimers in Synechococcus WH5701 indicates additional regulatory functions. PipX_II, and less evidently PipX_I, specifically interacted with GlnB_A and NtcA, supporting a role for both Synechococcus WH5701 PipX proteins in partner swapping with GlnB_A and NtcA.


PMID: 21183574

DOI: 10.1099/mic.0.047266-0

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