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Thiophosphate and thiophosphonate analogues of glucose-1-phosphate: synthesis and enzymatic activity with a thymidylyltransferase

, : Thiophosphate and thiophosphonate analogues of glucose-1-phosphate: synthesis and enzymatic activity with a thymidylyltransferase. Carbohydrate Research 379: 43-50

Synthetic methods were investigated for the preparation of O and S-glucosyl thiophosphates and glucosyl 1C-thiophosphonate. Four protected glucosyl thiophosphate compounds were synthesized and characterized as precursors to glucose 1-thiophosphate. The effect of various reaction conditions and the nature of the carbohydrate and thiophosphate protecting groups and how they impact both the yields and α/β diastereoselectivity of the glucosyl thiophosphate products were explored. A novel isomerization from an O-linked to S-linked glucosyl thiophosphate was observed. α-D-Glucose-1C-thiophosphonate was synthesized and evaluated as a substrate for the thymidylyltransferase, Cps2L. Tandem mass spectrometric analysis determined the position of sulfur in the sugar nucleotide product.


PMID: 23872276

DOI: 10.1016/j.carres.2013.06.007

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