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Urodynamic study of lower urinary tract function after radical hysterectomy in postoperative women of cervical cancer

, : Urodynamic study of lower urinary tract function after radical hysterectomy in postoperative women of cervical cancer. Zhonghua Fu Chan Ke Za Zhi 42(12): 815-817

To investigate the characteristics of the preoperative and postoperative urodynamical parameters of women with uterine cervical carcinoma after radical hysterectomies. Forty-six women had uterine cervical carcinoma at stage I b or II a Complete pre- and postoperative urodynamic follow-ups were conducted for each patient. Twenty-six women (57%) who had preoperatively normal urinary tract function needed to void by abdominal straining after radical surgery. After the radical hysterectomy, the postvoid residual volume [(205 +/- 201) vs. (5 +/- 3) ml, P < 0.01], the normal desire to void [(365 +/- 108) vs. (286 +/- 84) ml, P = 0.01] and maximal capacity [(670 +/- 174) vs. (402 +/- 124) ml, P = 0.05] increased significantly, but the bladder compliance [(15 +/- 5) vs. (102 +/- 64) ml/cm H2O (1 cm H2O = 0.098 kPa), P < 0.01], maximal detrusor pressure [(11 +/- 5) vs. (39 +/- 14) cm H2O, P < 0.01] and functional urethral length [(31 +/- 7) vs. (39 +/- 7) mm, P < 0.01] decreased obviously. The lower urinary tract dysfunction after the radical hysterectomy is characterized by the decreased bladder compliance and detrusor function. The urodynamic study is helpful for early diagnosis and prevention of these urinary dysfunctions.


PMID: 18476513

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