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Acute effect of counter movement jumping on throwing performance in track and field athletes during competition

, : Acute effect of counter movement jumping on throwing performance in track and field athletes during competition. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research (): -

NlmCategory="UNASSIGNED">The purpose of the study was to investigate whether performing three consecutive countermovement jumps (CMJs) just before an attempt enhances performance in track and field throwers during competition. Twelve shot putters, eight hammer throwers, nine discus throwers, and three javelin throwers of both genders participated in the study. They performed three maximal CMJs 85 ± 12 sec before the 2nd, 4th, and 6th attempt during three different official competitions of national level. Maximal strength (1-RM) in squat and bench press was measured one week after the competition. Mean throwing performance was significantly higher after the CMJs intervention (2.66 ± 4.3 %, range of increase 0.02 - 18.98 %, P = 0.0001). Similarly, maximum throwing performance was significantly higher after the CMJs (2.76 ± 3.29 %, range of increase 0.09 - 13.93 %, P = 0.0009). All but two athletes increased their best performance after the CMJs. The percentage increase in performance was similar between genders (male athletes 2.56 ± 3.01 %; female athletes 3.06 ± 3.76 %, P = 0.677) but it was higher for the "lighter throws" (discus and javelin throw: 4.66 ± 4.11 %) compared to the "heavier throws" (shot and hammer throw: 1.62 ± 2.04 %, P = 0.008). The percentage increase in performance was not significantly correlated with 1-RM squat or bench press, anthropometric characteristics, and personal best performance. These results suggest that performing three countermovement jumps approximately 1 minute before an attempt may increase track and field throwing performance during competition.


PMID: 27243915

DOI: 10.1519/JSC.0000000000001508

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