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Atmospheric emission of nitric oxide and processes involved in its biogeochemical transformation in terrestrial environment

, : Atmospheric emission of nitric oxide and processes involved in its biogeochemical transformation in terrestrial environment. Environmental Science and Pollution Research International (): -

NlmCategory="UNASSIGNED">Nitric oxide (NO) is an intra- and intercellular gaseous signaling molecule with a broad spectrum of regulatory functions in biological system. Its emissions are produced by both natural and anthropogenic sources; however, soils are among the most important sources of NO. Nitric oxide plays a decisive role in environmental-atmospheric chemistry by controlling the tropospheric photochemical production of ozone and regulates formation of various oxidizing agents such as hydroxyl radical (OH), which contributes to the formation of acid of precipitates. Consequently, for developing strategies to overcome the deleterious impact of NO on terrestrial ecosystem, it is mandatory to have reliable information about the exact emission mechanism and processes involved in its transformation in soil-atmospheric system. Although the formation process of NO is a complex phenomenon and depends on many physicochemical characteristics, such as organic matter, soil pH, soil moisture, soil temperature, etc., this review provides comprehensive updates about the emission characteristics and biogeochemical transformation mechanism of NO. Moreover, this article will also be helpful to understand the processes involved in the consumption of NO in soils. Further studies describing the functions of NO in biological system are also discussed.


PMID: 27771880

DOI: 10.1007/s11356-016-7823-6

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