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Covalently Cross-Linked Arabinoxylans Films for Debaryomyces hansenii Entrapment

, : Covalently Cross-Linked Arabinoxylans Films for Debaryomyces hansenii Entrapment. Molecules 20(6): 11373-11386

In the present study, wheat water extractable arabinoxylans (WEAX) were isolated and characterized, and their capability to form covalently cross-linked films in presence of Debaryomyces hansenii was evaluated. WEAX presented an arabinose to xylose ratio of 0.60, a ferulic acid and diferulic acid content of 2.1 and 0.04 µg∙mg(-1) WEAX, respectively and a Fourier Transform Infra-Red (FT-IR) spectrum typical of WEAX. The intrinsic viscosity and viscosimetric molecular weight values for WEAX were 3.6 dL∙g(-1) and 440 kDa, respectively. The gelation of WEAX (1% w/v) with and without D. hansenii (1 × 10(7) CFU∙cm(-2)) was rheologically investigated by small amplitude oscillatory shear. The entrapment of D. hansenii decreased gel elasticity from 1.4 to 0.3 Pa, probably by affecting the physical interactions between WEAX chains. Covalently cross-linked WEAX films containing D. hansenii were prepared by casting. Scanning electron microscopy images show that WEAX films containing D. hansenii were porous and consisted of granular-like and fibre microstructures. Average tensile strength, elongation at break and Young's modulus values dropped when D. hansenii was present in the film. Covalently cross-lined WEAX containing D. hansenii could be a suitable as a functional entrapping film.


PMID: 26102070

DOI: 10.3390/molecules200611373

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