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Decrease Of Dehiscence And Other Complications In The Use Of Peripheral Venous Lines In Post-Operative Hepato-Biliary And Vascular Surgery Through The Use Of Nobecutan® Aerosol

, : Decrease Of Dehiscence And Other Complications In The Use Of Peripheral Venous Lines In Post-Operative Hepato-Biliary And Vascular Surgery Through The Use Of Nobecutan® Aerosol. Revista de Enfermeria 37(12): 8-14

Peripheral venous canalization, its surveillance and maintenance is realized by nurses with a diagnostic or therapeutic purpose. In the surgery unit was observed frequent appearances of phlebitis, extravasations or dehiscence in the point puncture. In order to increase the quality cares and patient safety, it was searched for new guidelines for preventing or minimizing applications using Nobecutan® aerosol as a new technical and material to fix. It was selected by its characteristics: adhesive layer (helps to fix), elastic, transparent (allows to visualize insertion point), permeable and sealing material. It was intended to open up a new field to realize new studies and to implement new procedures by means of a randomized cross-sectorial descriptive study. The objectives were: reduce catheter changes, avoid dehiscence, reduce phlebitis, get a better fixation and determine Nobecutan® effectiveness to prevent complications. With obtained data, a data base was designed and analyzed by statistical software SPSS version 19.0 for Windows. According to obtained results and after discussion, it was concluded to apply Nobecutan® to decrease dehiscence in the insertion point and the numbers of intravenous lines changes during admittance. It wasn't found beneficial influence to phlebitis.


PMID: 26121880

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