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Enhanced Enzymatic Preparation of Biodiesel Using Ricinoleic Acid as Acyl Donor: Optimization Using Response Surface Methodology

, : Enhanced Enzymatic Preparation of Biodiesel Using Ricinoleic Acid as Acyl Donor: Optimization Using Response Surface Methodology. Journal of Oleo Science 65(9): 785-795

Castor oil methyl ester is a kind of biodiesel from castor oil. However, in those previous methods for biodiesel preparation using castor oil as feedstock, glycerol was the main by-product, which had a strong blocking effect on the immobilized enzyme activity and affected the mass transfer of reaction system. For avoiding the negative effect of glycerol on the enzymatic esterification, biodiesel was prepared using ricinoleic acid (RA) as acyl donor. Enzyme screening was also studied, and the effects of reaction temperature, molar ratio of ricinoleic acid and methanol, enzyme load, and reaction time, on the preparation of castor methyl ester were also evaluated. Response surface methodology (RSM) was used to optimize the interaction effect of reaction variables (reaction temperature (30-70°C), enzyme load (2-7%; relative to the weight of total substrates), molar ratio of methanol to ricinoleic acid (2:1-10:1), and reaction time (0.5-2.5 h)) on the acid value (AV) and the degree of esterification (DE). Validation of the RSM model was verified by the good agreement between the experimental and the predicted values of AV and DE. The optimum preparation conditions were as follows: reaction temperature, 48.2°C; enzyme load, 5.8%; molar ratio of methanol to ricinoleic acid, 5.56:1; reaction time, 2.36 h. Under these conditions, the AV and DE of the esterification reaction are 10.36±1.05 mgKOH/g and 94.03±0.60%, respectively. The relationship between initial reaction rate and temperature was also established, and the activation energy (Ea) of the enzymatic esterification is 33.87 KJ/mol.


PMID: 27477073

DOI: 10.5650/jos.ess16052

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