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Gene Polymorphisms of FABP2, ADIPOQ and ANP and Risk of Hypertriglyceridemia and Metabolic Syndrome in Afro-Caribbeans

, : Gene Polymorphisms of FABP2, ADIPOQ and ANP and Risk of Hypertriglyceridemia and Metabolic Syndrome in Afro-Caribbeans. Plos One 11(9): E0163421-E0163421

The metabolic syndrome (MetS) is a cluster of metabolic abnormalities and cardiovascular risk factors that are highly heritable and polygenic. We investigated the association of allelic variants of three candidate genes, rs1799883-FABP2, rs1501299-ADIPOQ and rs5065-ANP with MetS and its components, individually and in combination, using a genetic risk score. A cross-sectional study was conducted in 462 Afro-Caribbeans subjects without cardiovascular complications or lipid-lowering medications. Cardiovascular risk factors and MetS components (NCEP-ATPIII criteria) were recorded. The 3 SNPs were genotyped. The genetic risk score was calculated by summing the number of risk alleles at each locus. Logistic regressions were used. Fifty-eight participants (12.6%) were diabetics and 116 (25.1%) had a MetS. In a dominant model, rs1799883 was associated with hypertriglyceridemia (OR 2.22; P = 0.014) and hypertriglyceridemic waist (HTGW), (P = 0.014) but not significantly with overweight (P = 0.049), abdominal obesity (P = 0.033) and MetS (P = 0.068). In a dominant model, the OR of MetS and HTGW for rs1501299 were 1.80 (P = 0.028) and 2.19 (P = 0.040) respectively. In a recessive model, the OR of hypertriglyceridemia for rs5065 was 1.94 (P = 0.075). The genetic risk score was significantly associated with MetS. Subjects carrying 4-5 risk alleles (18.8%) had a nearly 2.5-fold-increased risk of MetS compared to those carrying 0-1 risk allele (24.3%): OR 2.31; P = 0.025. This study supports the association of FABP2, ANP and ADIPOQ gene variants with MetS or its components in Afro-Caribbeans and suggests a cumulative genetic influence of theses variants on this syndrome and a potential effect on lipid metabolism.


PMID: 27684940

DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0163421

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