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Lung cancer screening: utility of molecular applications in conjunction with low-dose computed tomography guidelines

, : Lung cancer screening: utility of molecular applications in conjunction with low-dose computed tomography guidelines. Expert Review of Molecular Diagnostics 16(4): 435-447

Finding early-stage lung cancer where there is a higher chance for patient survival remains a major healthcare challenge. Low-dose spiral computed tomography for high-risk patients can increase the detection of cancers with certain tradeoffs, such as increased radiation exposure and surgical risks for false-positive cases. New molecular markers and assays show considerable promise to further reduce healthcare costs and improve lung cancer survival rates but require further validation. This review summarizes and discusses the current state of research in lung cancer screening and highlights developments in biomarker research for lung cancer diagnostics.


PMID: 26832450

DOI: 10.1586/14737159.2016.1149469

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