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Monitoring for periodontal inflammatory disease in the third molar region

, : Monitoring for periodontal inflammatory disease in the third molar region. Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 73(4): 595-599

To assess changes at 2-year intervals in the periodontal status of the third molar region in participants enrolled with asymptomatic third molars and no clinical evidence of third molar region periodontal pathology. The included participants who presented with a healthy periodontal status (all probing depths [PDs], <4 mm) in the third molar region, defined as distal of second molars and around adjacent third molars, were from a larger longitudinal study of participants with asymptomatic third molars. Full-mouth periodontal PD data from 6 sites per tooth were obtained clinically at enrollment and at subsequent 2-year intervals. Data were aggregated to the patient level. Outcome variables were the presence or absence of periodontal pathology, defined as at least 1 PD of at least 4 mm in the third molar region. One hundred twenty-nine participants had a third molar region PD shallower than 4 mm at enrollment. Most participants were Caucasian (85%), women (60%), younger than 25 years (62%), educated beyond high school (84%), and with good oral health habits. At 6 years, excluding the 61 participants lost to follow-up, 47% participants had had third molars removed, 21% had developed at least 1 PD of at least 4 mm in the third molar region since enrollment, and 32% retained the periodontal status at enrollment (all PDs in third molar region, <4 mm). Demographic characteristics were not statistically different for participants followed for 6 years compared with those lost to follow-up. Although not all participants could be followed for 6 years after enrollment or chose to retain third molars, one third of participants maintained the third molar region periodontal status assessed at baseline for 6 years after enrollment; no clinical evidence of pathology developed over time.


PMID: 25544296

DOI: 10.1016/j.joms.2014.10.010

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