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Neural adaptation to peripheral blur in myopes and emmetropes

, : Neural adaptation to peripheral blur in myopes and emmetropes. Vision Research (): -

NlmCategory="UNASSIGNED">In the presence of optical blur at the fovea, blur adaptation can improve visual acuity (VA) and perceived image quality over time. However, little is known regarding blur adaptation in the peripheral retina. Here, we examined neural adaptation to myopic defocus at the fovea and parafovea (10° temporal retina) in both emmetropes and myopes. During the 60-min adaptation period, subjects (3 emmetropes and 3 myopes) watched movies with +2 diopters of defocus blur through a 6-mm artificial pupil in two separate, counter balanced sessions for each retinal location. VA was measured at 10-min intervals under full aberration-corrected viewing using an adaptive optics (AO) vision simulator. By correcting subjects' native optical aberrations with AO, the influence of the individual subjects' optical aberrations on visual performance was bypassed. Overall, VA improved significantly after the 60-min of adaptation at both the fovea (mean ±SE VA improvement: -0.06±0.04 logMAR) and parafovea (mean ±SE VA improvement: -0.07±0.04 logMAR). Myopic subjects exhibited significantly greater improvement in parafoveal VA (mean ±SE VA improvement: 0.10±0.02 logMAR), than that of emmetropic subjects (mean ±SE VA improvement: 0.04±0.03 logMAR). In contrast, there was no significant difference in foveal VA between the two refractive error groups. In conclusion, our results reveal differences in peripheral blur adaptation between refractive error groups, with myopes displaying a greater degree of adaptation.


PMID: 27919674

DOI: 10.1016/j.visres.2016.09.017

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