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Plasma-Assisted Growth of Silicon Nanowires by Sn Catalyst: Step-by-Step Observation

, : Plasma-Assisted Growth of Silicon Nanowires by Sn Catalyst: Step-by-Step Observation. Nanoscale Research Letters 11(1): 455-455

NlmCategory="UNASSIGNED">A comprehensive study of the silicon nanowire growth process has been carried out. Silicon nanowires were grown by plasma-assisted-vapor-solid method using tin as a catalyst. We have focused on the evolution of the silicon nanowire density, morphology, and crystallinity. For the first time, the initial growth stage, which determines the nanowire (NW) density and growth direction, has been observed step by step. We provide direct evidence of the merging of Sn catalyst droplets and the formation of Si nanowires during the first 10 s of growth. We found that the density of Sn droplets decreases from ~9000 Sn droplets/μm2 to 2000 droplets/μm2 after just 10 s of growth. Moreover, the long and straight nanowire density decreases from 170/μm2 after 2 min of growth to less than 10/μm2 after 90 min. This strong reduction in nanowire density is accompanied by an evolution of their morphology from cylindrical to conical, then to bend conical, and finally, to a bend inverted conical shape. Moreover, the changes in the crystalline structure of nanowires are from (i) monocrystalline to (ii) monocrystalline core/defective crystalline shell and then to (iii) monocrystalline core/defective crystalline shell/amorphous shell. The evolutions of NW properties have been explained in detail.


PMID: 27734420

DOI: 10.1186/s11671-016-1681-5

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