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Pli1(PIAS1) SUMO ligase protected by the nuclear pore-associated SUMO protease Ulp1SENP1/2

, : Pli1(PIAS1) SUMO ligase protected by the nuclear pore-associated SUMO protease Ulp1SENP1/2. Journal of Biological Chemistry 290(37): 22678-22685

Covalent modification of the proteome by SUMO is critical for genetic stability and cell growth. Equally crucial to these processes is the removal of SUMO from its targets by the Ulp1 (HuSENP1/2) family of SUMO proteases. Ulp1 activity is normally spatially restricted, because it is localized to the nuclear periphery via interactions with the nuclear pore. Delocalization of Ulp1 causes DNA damage and cell cycle defects, phenotypes thought to be caused by inappropriate desumoylation of nucleoplasmic targets that are normally spatially protected from Ulp1. Here, we define a novel consequence of Ulp1 deregulation, with a major impact on SUMO pathway function. In fission yeast lacking Nup132 (Sc/HuNUP133), Ulp1 is delocalized and can no longer antagonize sumoylation of the PIAS family SUMO E3 ligase, Pli1. Consequently, SUMO chain-modified Pli1 is targeted for proteasomal degradation by the concerted action of a SUMO-targeted ubiquitin ligase (STUbL) and Cdc48-Ufd1-Npl4. Pli1 degradation causes the profound SUMO pathway defects and associated centromere dysfunction in cells lacking Nup132. Thus, perhaps counterintuitively, Ulp1-mediated desumoylation can promote SUMO modification by stabilizing a SUMO E3 ligase.


PMID: 26221037

DOI: 10.1074/jbc.M115.673038

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