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Stimulated Emission Enhancement Using Shaped Pulses

, : Stimulated Emission Enhancement Using Shaped Pulses. Journal of Physical Chemistry. A 120(12): 2002-2008

Controlling stimulated emission is of importance because it competes with absorption and fluorescence under intense laser excitation. We performed resonant nonlinear optical spectroscopy measurements using femtosecond pulses shaped by π- or π/2-step phase functions and carried out calculations based on density matrix representation to elucidate the experimental results. In addition, we compared enhancements obtained when using other pulse shaping functions (chirp, third-order dispersion, and a time-delayed probe). The light transmitted through the high optical density solution was dominated by an intense stimulated emission feature that was 14 times greater for shaped pulses than for transform limited pulses. Coherent enhancement depending on the frequency, temporal, and phase characteristics of the shaped pulse is responsible for the experimental observations.


PMID: 26959342

DOI: 10.1021/acs.jpca.6b02010

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