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Trehalose stimulation of photoinduced electron transfer and oxygen photoconsumption in Mn-depleted photosystem 2 membrane fragments

, : Trehalose stimulation of photoinduced electron transfer and oxygen photoconsumption in Mn-depleted photosystem 2 membrane fragments. Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology. B, Biology 152(Pt B): 279-285

It is known that the removal of manganese from the water-oxidizing complex (WOC) of photosystem 2 (PS2) leads to activation of oxygen photoconsumption (OPC) [Khorobrykh et al., 2002; Yanykin et al., 2010] that is accompanied by the formation of organic hydroperoxides on the electron-donor side of PS2 [Khorobrykh et al., 2011]. In the present work the effect of trehalose on the OPC in Mn-depleted PS2 preparations (apo-WOC-PS2) was investigated. A more than two-fold increase of the OPC is revealed upon the addition of 1M trehalose. Drastic (30%-70%) inhibition of the OPC upon the addition of either electron acceptor or electron donor indicates that the trehalose-induced activation of the OPC occurs on both donor and acceptor sides of PS2. A two-fold increase in the rate of superoxide-anion radical photoproduction on the electron-acceptor side of PS2 was also shown. Applying the "variable" chlorophyll fluorescence (ΔF) it was shown that the addition of trehalose induces: (i) a significant increase in the ability of exogenous Mn(2+) to donate electrons to the reaction center of PS2, (ii) slowing down the photoaccumulation of the primary quinone electron acceptor of PS2 (QA(-)) under aerobic conditions, (iii) acceleration of the reoxidation of QA(-) by QB (and by QB(-)) as well as the replacement of QB(2-) by a fully oxidized plastoquinone, and (iv) restoration of the electron transfer between the quinone electron carriers in the so-called "closed reaction centers of PS2" (their content in the apo-WOC-PS2 is 41%). It is suggested that the trehalose-induced increase in efficiency of the O2 interaction with the electron-donor and electron-acceptor sides of apo-WOC-PS2 is due to structural changes leading to both a decrease in the proportion of the "closed PS2 reaction centers" and an increase in the electron transfer rate in PS2.


PMID: 26386978

DOI: 10.1016/j.jphotobiol.2015.08.033

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