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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 59181

Chapter 59181 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Tuning surface coatings of optimized magnetite nanoparticle tracers for <i>in vivo</i> Magnetic Particle Imaging. IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 51(2): -

Tuning surface grafting density of CeO2 nanocrystals with near- and supercritical solvent characteristics. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 18(3): 1727-1734

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Tuning the Accessibility and Activity of Au<sub>25</sub> (SR)<sub>18</sub> Nanocluster Catalysts through Ligand Engineering. Chemistry 22(42): 14816-14820

Tuning the Activation Wavelength of Photochromic Oxazines. Chemphyschem 17(12): 1852-1859

Tuning the Activity of Oxygen in LiNi<sub>0.8</sub>Co<sub>0.15</sub>Al<sub>0.05</sub>O<sub>2</sub> Battery Electrodes. Acs Applied Materials & Interfaces (): -

Tuning the Adsorption of Elemental Mercury by Small Gas-Phase Palladium Clusters: First-Principles Study. Journal of Physical Chemistry. A 120(39): 7714-7731

Tuning the Adsorption-Induced Phase Change in the Flexible Metal-Organic Framework Co(bdp). Journal of the American Chemical Society 138(45): 15019-15026

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Tuning the Attempt Frequency of Protein Folding Dynamics via Transition-State Rigidification: Application to Trp-Cage. Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 6(3): 521-526

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Tuning the Band Gap of Cu₂ZnSn(S,Se)₄ Thin Films via Lithium Alloying. Acs Applied Materials & Interfaces 8(8): 5308-5313

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Tuning the Brake While Raising the Stake: Network Dynamics during Sequential Decision-Making. Journal of Neuroscience 36(19): 5417-5426

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Tuning the Chirality of Block Copolymers: From Twisted Morphologies to Nanospheres by Self-Assembly. Chemistry 21(40): 14129-14139

Tuning the Colors of the Dark Isomers of Photochromic Boron Compounds with Fluoride Ions: Four-State Color Switching. Organic Letters 18(17): 4436-4439

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Tuning the Electron Acceptor in Phthalocyanine-Based Electron Donor-Acceptor Conjugates. Chemistry 21(52): 19028-19040

Tuning the Electronic Coupling and Electron Transfer in Mo2 Donor-Acceptor Systems by Variation of the Bridge Conformation. Chemistry 22(9): 3115-3126

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Tuning the Electronic Properties of Acetylenic Fluorenes by Phosphaalkene Incorporation. Chemistry 22(12): 4247-4255

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Tuning the Fabrication of Nanostructures by Low-Energy Highly Charged Ions. Physical Review Letters 117(12): 126101-126101

Tuning the Fermi level with topological phase transition by internal strain in a topological insulator Bi2Se3 thin film. Nanoscale 8(2): 741-751

Tuning the Fermi-level of TiO<sub>2</sub> mesoporous layer by lanthanum doping towards efficient perovskite solar cells. Nanoscale 8(38): 16881-16885

Tuning the Flight Length of Molecules Diffusing on a Hydrophobic Surface. Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 6(11): 2065-2069

Tuning the Friction Characteristics of Gecko-Inspired Polydimethylsiloxane Micropillar Arrays by Embedding Fe₃O₄ and SiO₂ Particles. Acs Applied Materials & Interfaces 7(24): 13232-7

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Tuning the Interfacial Mechanical Behaviors of Monolayer Graphene/PMMA Nanocomposites. Acs Applied Materials & Interfaces 8(34): 22554-22562

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Tuning the LCST and UCST thermoresponsive behavior of poly(N,N-dimethylaminoethyl methacrylate) by electrostatic interactions with trivalent metal hexacyano anions and copolymerization. Macromolecular Rapid Communications 36(7): 633-639

Tuning the LSPR in copper chalcogenide nanoparticles by cation intercalation, cation exchange and metal growth. Nanoscale 7(46): 19519-19527

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Tuning the Luminescent Properties of a Ag/Au Tetranuclear Complex Featuring Metallophilic Interactions via Solvent-Dependent Structural Isomerization. Inorganic Chemistry 55(21): 11299-11310

Tuning the MYC response. Elife 5: -

Tuning the Magic Size of Atomically Precise Gold Nanoclusters via Isomeric Methylbenzenethiols. Nano Letters 15(5): 3603-3609

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Tuning the Mechanical Properties of Hydrogel Core-Shell Particles by Inwards Interweaving Self-Assembly. Acs Applied Materials & Interfaces 8(2): 1493-1500

Tuning the Mechanical Properties of Poly(Ethylene Glycol) Microgel-Based Scaffolds to Increase 3D Schwann Cell Proliferation. Macromolecular Bioscience 16(4): 535-544

Tuning the Microcavity of Organic Light Emitting Diodes by Solution Processable Polymer-Nanoparticle Composite Layers. Acs Applied Materials & Interfaces 8(4): 2666-2672

Tuning the Mn valence state in new Ca(0.66)Mn(2-x)Al(x)O4 (x≤ 0.4) oxides: impact on magnetic and redox properties. Dalton Transactions 45(11): 4647-4658

Tuning the Model Predictive Control of a Crude Distillation Unit. Isa Transactions 60: 178-190

Tuning the Morphology and Crystal Structure of Li2O2: A Graphene Model Electrode Study for Li-O2 Battery. Acs Applied Materials & Interfaces 8(33): 21350-7

Tuning the Morphology of Solution-Sheared P3HT:PCBM Films. Acs Applied Materials & Interfaces 8(3): 1742-1751

Tuning the Music: Acoustic Force Spectroscopy (AFS) 2.0. Methods 105: 26-33

Tuning the Nanostructure of Highly Functionalized Silica Using Amphiphilic Organosilanes: Curvature Agent Effects. Langmuir 32(18): 4624-4634

Tuning the Network Structure in Poly(vinylidene fluoride)/Carbon Nanotube Nanocomposites Using Carbon Black: Toward Improvements of Conductivity and Piezoresistive Sensitivity. Acs Applied Materials & Interfaces 8(22): 14190-9

Tuning the Optical Properties of Cesium Lead Halide Perovskite Nanocrystals by Anion Exchange Reactions. Journal of the American Chemical Society 137(32): 10276-10281

Tuning the Optical Properties of Perovskite Nanoplatelets through Composition and Thickness by Ligand-Assisted Exfoliation. Advanced Materials 28(43): 9478-9485

Tuning the Origin of Magnetic Relaxation by Substituting the 3d or Rare-Earth Ions into Three Isostructural Cyano-Bridged 3d-4f Heterodinuclear Compounds. Inorganic Chemistry 54(21): 10316-10322

Tuning the Outward to Inward Swelling in Lithiated Silicon Nanotubes via Surface Oxide Coating. Nano Letters 16(9): 5815-5822

Tuning the Phosphorescence and Solid State Luminescence of Triarylborane-Functionalized Acetylacetonato Platinum Complexes. Inorganic Chemistry 55(23): 12220-12229

Tuning the Phosphoryl Donor Specificity of Dihydroxyacetone Kinase from ATP to Inorganic Polyphosphate. An Insight from Computational Studies. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 16(11): 27835-27849

Tuning the Photocycle Kinetics of Bacteriorhodopsin in Lipid Nanodiscs. Biophysical Journal 109(9): 1899-1906

Tuning the Photoelectrocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution of Pt-Decorated Silicon Photocathodes by the Temperature and Time of Electroless Pt Deposition. Langmuir 32(45): 11728-11735

Tuning the Photophysical Properties of Ru(II) Monometallic and Ru(II),Rh(III) Bimetallic Supramolecular Complexes by Selective Ligand Deuteration. Journal of Physical Chemistry. A 119(26): 6781-6790

Tuning the Photophysics and Reverse Saturable Absorption of Heteroleptic Cationic Iridium(III) Complexes via Substituents on the 6,6'-Bis(fluoren-2-yl)-2,2'-biquinoline Ligand. Inorganic Chemistry 55(22): 11908-11919

Tuning the Protein Corona of Hydrogel Nanoparticles: The Synthesis of Abiotic Protein and Peptide Affinity Reagents. Accounts of Chemical Research 49(6): 1200-1210

Tuning the Protein-Induced Absorption Shifts of Retinal in Engineered Rhodopsin Mimics. Chemistry 22(24): 8254-8261

Tuning the Proximity Effect through Interface Engineering in a Pb/Graphene/Pt Trilayer System. Acs Nano 10(4): 4520-4524

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Tuning the Reactivity of Chromium(III)-Superoxo Species by Coordinating Axial Ligands. Inorganic Chemistry 54(21): 10513-10520

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Tuning the Redox Properties of a Nonheme Iron(III)-Peroxo Complex Binding Redox-Inactive Zinc Ions by Water Molecules. Chemistry 21(30): 10676-10680

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Tuning the Schottky contacts in the phosphorene and graphene heterostructure by applying strain. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 18(29): 19918-19925

Tuning the Selectivity of Biodegradable Antimicrobial Cationic Polycarbonates by Exchanging the Counter-Anion. Macromolecular Bioscience 16(9): 1360-1367

Tuning the Selectivity of Dendron Micelles Through Variations of the Poly(ethylene glycol) Corona. Acs Nano 10(7): 6905-6914

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Tuning the Solid State Emission of the Carbazole and Cyano-Substituted Tetraphenylethylene by Co-Crystallization with Solvents. Small (): -

Tuning the Stability of Surface Intermediates Using Adsorbed Oxygen: Acetate on Au(111). Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 5(7): 1126-1130

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Tuning the Thermoelectric Properties of a Conducting Polymer through Blending with Open-Shell Molecular Dopants. Acs Applied Materials & Interfaces 7(33): 18195-18200

Tuning the Thickness of Ba-Containing "Functional" Layer toward High-Performance Ceria-Based Solid Oxide Fuel Cells. Acs Applied Materials & Interfaces 8(17): 10835-10840

Tuning the Transcriptional Response to Hypoxia by Inhibiting Hypoxia-inducible Factor (HIF) Prolyl and Asparaginyl Hydroxylases. Journal of Biological Chemistry 291(39): 20661-20673

Tuning the Tunneling Rate and Dielectric Response of SAM-Based Junctions via a Single Polarizable Atom. Advanced Materials 27(42): 6689-6695

Tuning the Upconversion Luminescence Lifetimes of KYb2 F7 :Ho(3+) Nanocrystals for Optical Multiplexing. Chemphyschem 16(18): 3784-3789

Tuning the Voices of a Choir: Detecting Ecological Gradients in Time-Series Populations. Plos One 11(7): E0158346-E0158346

Tuning the Wettability of Halloysite Clay Nanotubes by Surface Carbonization for Optimal Emulsion Stabilization. Langmuir 31(51): 13700-7

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Tuning the band gap of silicene by functionalisation with naphthyl and anthracyl groups. Journal of Chemical Physics 144(11): 114704-114704

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Tuning the brain for motherhood: prolactin-like central signalling in virgin, pregnant, and lactating female mice. Brain Structure & Function (): -

Tuning the bridging attraction between large hard particles by the softness of small microgels. Soft Matter 12(37): 7863-7872

Tuning the buffering capacity of polyethylenimine with glycerol molecules for efficient gene delivery: staying in or out of the endosomes. Macromolecular Bioscience 15(5): 622-635

Tuning the cache memory usage in tomographic reconstruction on standard computers with Advanced Vector eXtensions (AVX). Data in Brief 3: 16-20

Tuning the carrier concentration using Zintl chemistry in Mg3Sb2, and its implications for thermoelectric figure-of-merit. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 18(8): 6191-6200

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Tuning the emission properties of a fluorescent polymer using a polymer microarray approach - identification of an optothermo responsive polymer. Chemical Communications 52(69): 10521-4

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Tuning the ferroelectric polarization in AA'MnWO6 double perovskites through A cation substitution. Dalton Transactions 44(23): 10644-10653

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Tuning the instrument: sonic properties in the spider's web. Journal of the Royal Society, Interface 13(122): -

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