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Whole body organization during a symmetric bimanual pick up task in overweight and obese children

, : Whole body organization during a symmetric bimanual pick up task in overweight and obese children. Gait & Posture 52(): 95-99

NlmCategory="UNASSIGNED">Information on the effects of obesity on the biomechanics of whole body movement control in children is limited. The purpose of the current study is to test the hypothesis that during a simple pick up task, overweight and obese children will organize their whole body movements differently than those in normal weight children. Twelve children who were overweight or obese (5-13 years old) and twelve age matched normal weight children participated in the study. Children picked up an empty box to waist height at a self-selected pace while kinematic and kinetic data were recorded and analyzed using a VICON system and two AMTI force plates. The overweight and obese group showed less knee flexion in both legs, more spine flexion, and less excursion in the height of their center of mass (all Ps<0.05). However, the overweight and obese group had more anterior movement in their center of mass (P<0.05). For the center of pressure findings, the overweight and obese group had greater anterior excursion with faster average anterior moving speed and spent a longer time with the center of pressure reached forward (all Ps<0.05). These findings indicate that overweight and obese children organize their whole body movement during a simple pick up task differently with higher and more forward center of mass, quickly shifting their center of pressure anteriorly, and with a longer period of time with the center of pressure remaining forward. Their movement strategy may put them in a less stable condition and thus make them prone to losing balance.


PMID: 27888697

DOI: 10.1016/j.gaitpost.2016.11.030

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